About Lab Aroma


LabAroma is a chemistry based, clinical aromatherapy focused, software tool that allows you to accurately calculate the chemistry behind essential oil and cosmetic formulations. You can access your LabAroma from your tablet, desktop or mobile device.  The LabAroma Learn package is designed for Aromatherapy students and Aromatherapists to give you a modern efficient formulation blending solution while removing the complexity of math and chemistry.

Lab Aroma was developed by Colleen Quinn, who combined her 10 years’ experience in Complementary Therapy and Clinical Aromatherapy to create her own luxury aromatherapy brand.   This led her to develop a software program that would eliminate the time-consuming process of calculating the chemistry of her formulation in order to comply with EU regulations.

Colleen Thompson of Essence of Thyme College of Holistic Studies met Colleen Quinn at a conference in Dublin, Ireland in 2014.  Colleen T. immediately recognized the benefit the Lab Aroma Program would have to her aromatherapy students and first introduced it to her students in late 2014.  Colleen T has watched Colleen Q. continually upgrade and grow the Lab Aroma program and she feels that every student should have the benefit of working with Lab Aroma.

Therefore, as of July 1, 2018, a one-year subscription for Lab Aroma is mandatory for all new Essence of Thyme Students and is offered to all EOT students at a reduced rate of $75.00CDN (for a one-year subscription).

Lab Aroma Features:

  • Gain access to an informative Aromatherapy toolbox! Containing over 200 GC/MS tested essential oils, over 50 CO2 oils and 120 carrier oils and base ingredients all for you to blend with.
  • Let LabAroma convert your essential oil drops and/or percentage into a base blend in one click.  You will never need a calculator again.
  • Information sheets for each ingredient with their chemical analysis and botanical information clearly displayed and printable.
  • Get quick and convenient reminder of how your chemical groups and components behave and why you would use them within your blend.
  • Know exact percentages of each chemical group and component in your formulas
  • Understand how your blend will affect the mind and body with analytical reporting.
  • Add your favourite essential oils and their information to your ingredient database and blend with your very own oils.
  • Save your blend to your own Recipe Library.  Print your blends in colourful pdf’s including all your analysis and information.
  • Easily determine the cost of your blends.
  • Access an extensive and growing Recipe Library to inspire and enlighten your own blending creativity.
  • Lab Tutorial videos guide you to best utilize each Lab Aroma features.