Case Study Mentors

What is a Case Study Mentor?

Students are required to complete a total of 30 case studies in the Advanced Aromatherapy Professional Certification Program. Essence of Thyme provides the resources for a student to effectively complete the case studies. Resources include but are not limited to the:

  • Module 5 Orientation
  • Blending e-book
  • Blending Tutorial
  • Case study guidelines in the Module 5 of the AT101 manual
  • Case study documents

In spite of the resources listed above, a student may need mentoring with the initial case studies they submit. EOT Case Study Mentors provide constructive feedback for improving case study reports. Students may be given the option of revising and re-submitting a case study, based on the feedback, for a higher grade.
Case Study Mentors grade the case studies based upon the case study assessment tool to maintain consistency. the case study mentor will provide a support system for the student to assist him/her in developing their skills in conducting and reporting on their case studies.

Meet our Case Study Mentors: