A Report by Dr. Kelly Ablard on Atlas Cedarwood

The majority of essential oil-based literature published in, or prior to 2013 include a profile on Atlas cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica G. Manetti) essential oil. The conservation status of Atlas cedar (C. atlantica) is never noted in these profiles, because there was no conservation status for this species until 1998, when it was then categorized as a species of Least Concern, meaning the risk of its extinction was low (IUCN, 2017). Unfortunately, in 2013, just 15 years later, new data revealed that it is endangered. Consequently, to explore alternatives to Atlas cedarwood (C. atlantica) essential oil this report highlights differences and similarities among the conservation statuses, chemical profiles, physical-therapeutic properties, and contraindications of eight cedars and their wood/leaf essential oils. To learn more about Atlas cedar and alternative essentials to use, please visit  https://www.kellyablard.com