What is a Drop??

What is a Drop

When making an aromatherapy blend, most aromatherapists rely on the “drop” system.  That is that there are 20 – 25 drops per ml.  Although this is an “approved” method, it really isn’t accurate.  There are many variables when determining how many drops there are per ml.  This includes the viscosity of the essential oil and the size of the opening of the reducer or pipette.  In fact, the range can be between 20 – 40 drops per ml.  The good news is that when using the 20-drop per ml equation, you are erring on the side of caution.

When making a larger blend a graduated cylinder or a finely calibrated scale can help with measurements and would be more accurate.  Weighing the drops is considered to be the most accurate method, however this will work best with larger volumes   I recently purchased a variety of jewelry scales and will be conducting experiments to determine if they are capable of measuring a drop.  Once I play around with this I’ll post my results.  In the meantime, my advice is to use the calculation of 20 drops per ml.